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Prepare Your Home for the Michigan Winter!

At Ms.Green Construction we realize that winterizing your home can be a costly time consuming, not to mention, daunting task. We can make it simple, inexpensive, and give free friendly advice on how to save on costly heating bills. We can perform any insulation work you may need from installing sprayed fiberglass attic insulation or cellulose to placing insulation around those drafty windows and doors. We will work with you to fit any budget. If your home needs energy savings this winter call us for a free no obligation savings assessment. We are licensed in every area of residential building! We also can check the gutters (clean them too) and insulation while we are out there to prevent costly ice damming later.

Here are several helpful and cheap tips to save you money.

  1. Add a second layer of insulation to your attic. R-30 insulation is considered the minimum. If your house is relatively new, it probably conforms. If not, consider adding insulation.
  2. Caulk around window and door glass and trim, and all exterior trim. Install or replace weather stripping on all doors and windows. Check for cracks around pipes and electrical outlets entering or exiting the walls.
  3. Install storm windows and doors if you have them. Consider purchasing storm windows if you have older windows that are not made from modern insulated glass.
  4. Have your heating system checked by a licensed heating/air-conditioning professional. Most furnace manufacturers recommend at least annual inspections.
  5. Check gutters and clean them if necessary. Clogged gutters can result in basement flooding when the snow melts.
  6. Replace any roof shingles that are missing or damaged.
  7. Have your chimneys inspected by a chimney service and, if necessary, cleaned.
  8. Check the foundation for areas where water may puddle.
  9. Trim trees away from the house. Have dead trees and branches removed by professional tree trimmers, or do it yourself.
  10. Turn off and drain any outdoor water faucets.
  11. Insulate any water pipes that are exposed to freezing cold.

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