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Attic Insulation in Michigan

Most of us in South East Michigan have homes with Attics. In many of our Michigan homes, the Attic has not been insulated properly! The Department of Energy recommends a minimum of R-49 in unfinished and unconditioned attics in Michigan’s cold climate. This is equivalent to over 14 inches of the best performing insulation and closer to 2 FEET of more traditional loose fill fiberglass.

If your attic isn’t insulated to this level, you will have problems in your home with heat loss in the winter, heat infiltration in the summer and also many other challenges to your home’s performance.

Attic Insulation Benefits

Insulating your Attic has several benefits including:

Ms. Green Construction uses the best insulating materials and practice to insulate your Attic. Depending on your home’s circumstances and your particular concerns we will properly insulate this area using safe spray foam, blown-in loose fill cellulose or fiberglass and/or batts to provide the optimal solution for you!

Our expertise in insulation comes from years of experience and education in Building Science backed up by our BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certification.

Contact us for more information on Attic Insulation or any Insulation Project in your home.

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